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Pipe bracket related knowledge
Nov 27, 2018

Pipe support refers to a structural member used for overhead laying of pipelines, which is divided into fixed brackets, sliding brackets, guiding brackets, rolling brackets, etc. Pipe brackets are used in any place where pipes are laid, also called pipes. Support, pipe, etc., as the supporting structure of the pipeline, according to the running performance and layout requirements of the pipeline, the pipe rack is divided into two types: fixed and movable. The place where the fixed point is set becomes a fixed bracket. Displacement, and the deformation of the fixed pipe frame after stress is small compared with the deformation value of the pipe compensator, because the pipe frame should have sufficient rigidity, and the place where the intermediate support is set adopts the movable pipe frame, the pipe and the pipe frame. The relative displacement is allowed to occur, and the thermal deformation of the pipe is not constrained.

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