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Safe installation of stainless steel columns
Nov 27, 2018

The installation of the stainless steel railing column must be carried out in accordance with the requirements and the order of the construction ink line. The stair starting position and the column at both ends of the platform should be installed first, and the sub-welding and bolt fixing methods should be installed. During construction, the electric drill is used to drill the base layer of the installation column. Insert the expansion bolts, the connection is fixed, and the column installation must be firm and not loose.

Stair railing installation is usually carried out by welding except for special cases. When installing, the starting elbow and the railing column are first joined. Then, the two ends of the straight armrest are welded to the fixed position of the column, and the head of the straight armrest is butt jointed and welded. The left side of the armrest interface is left with a gap of about 3 mm for easy welding. Then the pull-through line connects the handrail to each column, and the joint is welded to the handrail and the column.

After the installation of the long metal handrail, it should be considered to install a movable interface that can adapt to the temperature difference. The expansion and contraction of the movable joint is generally considered to be about 20 mm. The outdoor handrail can be considered for leaking holes in the retractable area.

Finally, check the installed stainless steel column to see if its aesthetics and firmness meet the construction requirements.

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