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The difference between various surface colors of stainless steel plates
Nov 27, 2018

(1), NO.1 hot-rolled surface, showing a gray-white surface, the hand feel is relatively rough, generally the color of the facade of the petrochemical plant canned container.

(2), 2B ordinary cold-rolled surface, the surface of the stainless steel kitchen countertop (non-brushed plate) is the most common cold-rolled plate surface, the surface of the plate is gray and bright, and the image is not visible.

(3), BA ordinary mirror, is based on the 2B board, added a bright treatment, white light, can shine the figure, but can not shine the portrait of the eyebrows.

(4) 6K mirror panel, generally rough grinding and polishing, is a little worse than the mirror reflection image, but not much difference.

(5) 8K mirror panel, the result of multiple grinding and polishing, the light has a texture, and it is used like a mirror.

(6) 12K mirror panel, on the basis of 8K, more grinding several times, the imaging effect is more prominent, the mirror panel with better quality, the quality of the processed flat plate is generally quite high, and the softness of the stainless steel plate is also required.

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