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Wide application of pipe clamps
Nov 27, 2018

When it comes to pipe clamps, it can be extended to the early fifties of the early 20th century. At that time, the American company invented the pipe clamps and successfully pushed the market. Under the high specification and zero failure benefits, the pipe clamps began to flourish. Development, the United States' Red Valve Company has also become the first valve in the world to create the only stable control of slime. Until the rapid development of the economy, the father of the birth of the pipe clamp, the American Red Valve Company, is still one of the few The leader in the pipe clamp industry.

Its footprints are spread across 75 countries around the world, showing how great its customer service is. These 75 countries, of course, also include China. This high-performance, high-performance pipe clamp has also been in the pipe clamp industry in China. With its own important seats, it has a wide range of applications in various industries.

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