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Problems With Hangers And Hangers
Nov 27, 2018

After long-term operation and repeated start and stop of the hanger and hanger, plus the original design, manufacturing, installation and other possible problems, the state of the pipe hanger and hanger will change. During the daily inspection, the hanger spring is found to be crushed and emptied. The problem of insufficient thermal displacement of the constant force hanger, corrosion of the hanger, skewing of the boom, looseness, etc., the existence of these problems will inevitably change the reasonable distribution of the load of the hanger and hanger, deteriorate the operating environment of the pipeline and the unit, and at the same time, the unreasonable stress The distribution will lead to accelerated stress damage of the pipeline. If it is not treated in time, the service life of the pipeline will be shortened, which will pose a serious threat to the safe operation of pipelines and units.

To this end, the state of the pipeline support and hanger is inspected, analyzed and adjusted to improve the operation of the pipeline and the unit hanger and hanger, to achieve safe operation of the unit and extend the life of the pipeline.

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