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Stainless Elbow

  • 90° Round Elbow

    Stainless steel casting elbow in 42.4x2.0 with round 90mm degree Stainless steel eblow(EB201) for handrail(inox tube connector) Casting elbow in 90° round for railing system. Apply for stainless steel AISI304, AISI316, Surface treatment option of Satin/Brush and...
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  • Inox Elbow

    Stainless steel casting elbow in 42.4x2.0mm with straight 90 degree. Stainless steel elbow (EB202) for handrail, also is inox elbow in straight 90 degree, It normally has 2 material for your choose one is AISI304 the other is AISI316 and they can be in Satin and Mirror...
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  • 135 Degree Elbow

    Stainless steel casting elbow in 42.4x2.0 with 135 degree 135 degree elbow(EB203), the casting elbow, CE EN10090 certificated product. Manufactured by G-railing. It can be workable for the 2 tubes in 135 degree, and 7 dimensions for the tube is available and AISI304 AISI316...
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  • Blind Elbow

    Stainless steel casting elbow 90 degree, suit for 42.4tube,thickness 2mm Inox elbow used to ends a handrail system, it requires tool to product the item, it is casted-item. The biggest different point for this item is the blind end, it is in round which gives you nice-touched...
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  • Stainless Elbow

    Welding fitting 90 degree in 42.4x2.0mm Stainless steel elbow in 90 degree, it is connected tubes via welding so that there has no any part insert into the tube.we provide you in AISI304 AISI316, for the surface treatment, it is not only Satin and Mirror polish, but also Raw...
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  • T Type Elbow

    Stainless steel casting elbow in 42.4x2.0 for T type connection T type connector also belongs one of elbow series, it is assembled in the middle of hand railing to connect 3 tubes in 90 degree and every tubes inserted in equally length which is 20mm. G-railing provides you in...
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  • 3 Ways Elbow

    Stainless steel casting elbow in 42.4x2.0 for three ways conection The elbow is in 3 ways connection which is produced via casting, they are perpendicular with other 2 ways. It is used glue to connect tubes at the round corner. It is in good quality and nice outlook. we offer...
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  • Adjustable Flush Angles

    Stainless steel casting elbow in 42.4x2.0 for adjustable pipe connector Stainless Steel adjustable elbow, flush angles, it used to connect the tubes in -90~90 degree, We have kinds of dimensions for your choose to be workable with different diameter and thickness tubes,...
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  • Tube Connector

    Stainless steel casting twisted elbow in 42.4 X 2.0 connection Casting twisted elbow, it is in the line of connector which is rotatable with stuffing locked via 1XM8 in the middle of this item, if you need it, 2XM8 connect the 2 parts is also available. It is CE EN10090...
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  • Elbow Connector 180 Degree

    Welding fitting 90 degree in 42.4x2.0mm Welding elbow in T shape which is similar to G-railing’s EB205, the total length is 96mm and they are in 90 degree which is welded in the middle.In the supply of AISI304 and AISI316, 3 different surface treat, it has a wide using in the...
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  • Cross Type Welded Elbow

    "+" type welded pipe elbow in 42.4x2.0 "+" type welded pipe elbow, the outlook is outstanding, there has no any part insert into the tube to fit 4 tubes together via welding, AISI304 AISI316 are alternative, for the surface treatment, Raw is the added one...
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  • Inox Cross Type Welded Elbow

    45 degree curved welded pipe elbow in 42.4x2.0mm Curved elbow in 45 degree, belongs to handrail system fitting, it requires the pipes are in 45 degree so you can choose this one. although it seldom used in the market, G-railing also has a supply in the long-run with...
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